He was born on November 14, 1932 in Subotica. Not very tall, but very fast and agile, with excellent court vision, he was a great technician, the forerunner of modern Yugoslav play makers, the team’s soul and brain. Those are the main characteristics of the former long-time OKK Belgrade captain and game organiser.

A creator of Nikolic’s spectacles and a visionary of Korac’s points, “a small general of the blue army”, as the media used to call him, he demonstrated the playing style that could even today serve as good lessons to contemporary play makers.

He arrived from Radnicki in 1956 as non-established player, never changing the club until the end of his carrier. Same as Erkic, until his last basketball days, he remained in the jersey of the club that gave him the basketball public acclamation and with which he experienced lots of joy and success. In those championship years, the team was stable, so the players knew each other very well. However, Rajkovic knew the soul of each and every of them.

He knew exactly what suits Trajko, what Zuca, what Sija…He used that in the best possible way. He knowingly passed the ball to Zucko’s left hand, he made the space for Nikolic’s clear shot, he found Gordic in the last seconds of offence ball possession. Points were being scored all over the court and Bogomir Rajkovic was their facilitator.

Illness has prevented him from playing for the national team more often . However, he can be content, because together with Erkic he brought his team from the local championship to the Yugoslav state champion’s title. Such players, so loyal to the club and its colours, have been rare. Therefore is Rajkovic’s importance immense, and his contribution to the team and the club immeasurable.